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Q: What can I do with a Gender and Development degree?

A: Graduates with a BSc. in Gender and Development can pursue employment as Gender Policy Advisors or Gender Analyst in various institutions and sectors. See career opportunities listed in Part II of this Handbook or check with the office.

Q: How do I know which courses to choose for my Major?

A: See programme of study requirements outlined in Part IV of this Handbook or check with your department.

Q: How many courses am I allowed to take for the academic year?

A: See Part IV of this Handbook.

Q: I am a part-time student yet some of my classes are held in the day, why is this?

A: Part-time in the UWI refers to a student’s workload per semester and does not mean evening studies. Though the Institute tries to schedule classes as late as possible, courses may be scheduled for any time of the day. Students registered part-time must be prepared to attend classes between 8 am and 7 pm.

Q: Do I have to take the foundation courses in my first year?

A: No. However, it is strongly recommended that students complete Level I of their programme before proceeding to Level II.

Q: Where do I receive approval for over-rides for courses in red with the following components: Prerequisite, Test Score Error?

A: At the department in which the particular course (s) is/are offered.

Q: How do I request a change of status from part-time to full-time?

A: Students who wish to change their enrolment status should first go to the ―Request a Change of Major or Enrolment Status link at the Student Administrative Systems (SAS) Registration Menu which can be accessed at Such requests MUST be made at the beginning of the academic year.

Q: Can I do a double major in another Faculty?

A: Cross Faculty double majors are permitted within the Faculties of Humanities and Education and Social Sciences but not in all areas. Students are encouraged to check with the respective Faculty on this matter. Double Majors may also extend beyond the regular scheduled time for a degree.

Q: When do I declare my minor?

: Students should declare their minor(s) at the commencement of the third year for full-time students or at the beginning of the final two semesters for part-time students

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