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Project Title Date Department/Faculty Funding Agency Project Manager
Jamaica Youth Risk & Resiliency Behaviour Survey TMRI, ERU USAID
Fisheries Education Office Centre for Marine Sciences Canadian Co-Op
SEBRA Project Geography & Geology EFJ
The Asbestos Problem in Jamaica Chemistry EFJ
Health Effects of Heavy Metal Concentration in Foods in Jamaica ICENS Prof. Gerald Lalor
Sexually Transmitted Disease Microbiology UWI
Change from Within Arts & Education UWI
An Academic Biography of Opposition UWI Leader and Former Prime Minister Edward Seaga Sociology, Social Work and Psychology UWI Prof. Bernard Headley
Carbohydrate Metabolism and anti-oxidant enzymes in hypercholesterolemic rats fed bitter yam (Dioscorea polygonoides) proprietary preparation Sch. of Graduate Studies and Research Dwayne Stennett (MPhil)
Programming of Body fat composition & Metabolic Syndrome in African Origin Children TMRI International Atomic Energy Agency
Fisheries Improvement Programme Centre for Marine Sciences Dalhousie University
Parasitology Research Lab Life Sciences ICST
Natural Products from Endemic Plants Chemistry RNE
Nuclear Methods Applied To Socio-Economic Development ICENS
A Comparison of Heavy Metal Concentration in Jamaica and Columbia ICENS Prof. Gerald Lalo
Thyroid Research Project Microbiology UWI
Summer Programme CARIMAC UWI
FUNDS RECEIVED BY UWI Sir Philip Sherlock Theatre Development Fund part of the Cultural Studies Initiative Tony Gambrill
To strengthen Education Strategies for HIV/AIDS Medical Sciences Education Development Centre


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