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Project Title Date Department/Faculty Funding Agency Project Manager
Drop Out Rate of Students Centre for Gender UNESCO
Root Causes of Gender-based Violence 1 day Preliminary Roundtable Centre for Gender & Dev. Studies Canada/Caribbean Gender Eqality Fund (Ja.) UNIFEM
63 Training Media Personnel " Carimac UNEP
Coral Reef Monitoring Centre for Marine Sciences CPACC
Global Change Research Physics NSF
Gender in Early Childhood from a Caribbean Perspective Centre for Gender & Dev. Studies - Regional Unit USAID/CARICOM Dr. B. Bailey
Hypoten Agent Caracasanamide Chemistry UWI
Literature Based Language Arts School of Education UWI
Men in action Network Initiative Fac. of Medical Sciences CIDA
Taboo & Obligation: The Pressure of Modern Manhood in the Caribbean Office of Administration Commonwealth Secretariat
Demographic Study of the Secondary School Population in Jamaica Centre for Gender & Dev. Studies R&P
Production of Documentary on FIP Centre for Marine Sciences CFRAMP
Strengthening Media Reporting Carimac GON
Impact Sedimentary Agrochemical Polluted Water Centre for Marine Sciences UY
Physics Physics IAI
Gender Training and Research Centre for Gender & Dev. Studies - Regional Unit Japan Fund for Women Dr. Dunn
Research/Training Software Eng Maths & Computer Science UWI
HPRC Consultation Fund UWI
UWI CD Rom Interactive Training Tool Centre for Gender UNICEF/UWIFM
Environmental risks of cadmium in Ja. ICENS International Development Research Centre (IDRC)


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