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Radiation Biology and Protection

Semester 1

The aim is to explore the effects of ionizing radiation on biological material and to include the application of radiation biology in radiation protection and safety.

  • Radiation biology
    • Radiation Injury to DNA. Repair of DNA damage
    • Radiation-induced chromosome damage and repair
    • Survival curve theory.
    • Cell death: concepts of cell death (apoptosis and reproductive cell death)
    • Cellular recovery processes
    • Cell cycle
    • Modifiers of radiation response — sensitizers and protectors
    • Linear energy transfer (LET); Relative biological effectiveness (RBE); Oxygen enhancement ratio (OER)
    • Cell kinetics
    • Radiation injury to tissues; Acute and late effects.
  • Tumour radiobiology.
    • Time, dose, and fractionation
    • Radiation genetics: radiation effects of fertility and mutagenesis
    • Drug radiation interactions
  • Radiation Protection
    • Introductions and historical perspective
    • Interaction physics as applied to radiation protection
  • Operational dosimetry
    • Radiation detection instrumentation
    • Shielding: properties and design
    • Statistics
    • Radiation monitoring of personnel
  • Coursework: 50%
    • Two in-course tests (2 x 1 Hour) 30%
  • Final Exam: 50%
    • One 2 hour written paper
Learning Objectives: 

After completing the course, the student should be able to:
• identify and discuss the basic connection between interactions of radiation with tissue
• describe molecular interactions, through sub-cellular and cellular levels of organization; general aspects of DNA repair; biological effects of ionizing radiation (stochastic and non-stochastic effects)
• identify and discuss concepts of risk, including the evaluation of radiation risks, risk-benefit analysis, and index of harm
• synthesize and present in a cohesive and consistent manner the data for radiation therapy physics, imaging physics, radiation protection and safety, and nuclear medicine

Course Code: 
2 Credits
Level 1
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