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The Core Business of the CCEP
The Caribbean Centre for Educational Planning (CCEP) is an entity within the University of the West Indies, Mona that provides support to educational institutions and countries across the Caribbean by designing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating their Education Plans. The Centre has been established in partnership with the Caribbean Development Bank, UNESCO, and the International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP). 
The mission of the CCEP is to support regional development and improved productivity through the provision of high quality, relevant, educational planning services to countries of the Caribbean and Latin America. The Centre has as its vision the enabling of countries in the Caribbean and Latin America to acquire sustainable capacities in educational planning, resulting in a higher quality of life for citizens. 
Among the core business elements of the CCEP are the facilitation of consultations and training events that highlights, enriches, and promotes effective and sustainable practice models in educational planning. As such, in June 2018 the CCEP hosted the first in a series of dialogues between the Faculty of Humanities and Education and the National Education Inspectorate (NEI). Officers of the NEI shared with members of The University of the West Indies community, aspects of the Inspectorate’s work and encouraged researchers to make use of the data that are available at the NEI for developing and executing research. In the same vein, the CCEP is currently planning its inaugural symposium and practitioners’ workshop slated for October 2019. 
The CCEP also creates products and services for educational capacity-building and institutional strengthening in response to customer demand.
The Centre has therefore developed a School Improvement Planning framework which is currently being used by one Ministry of Education and a number of schools in another Caribbean island. In addition, the Centre has sought to engage the services of educational planning professionals across the region, so as to be able to respond to multiple service demands concurrently. The Centre is served by professionals who have been involved in educational planning, at the highest levels. Students in the M. Ed. in Educational Planning and Policy at The UWI serve as research assistants on CCEP consultancies. 
Another critical part of the work of the CCEP, is the pursuit of research to inform educational policy, practice, and planning. The Centre has therefore completed one research project on attitudes of Jamaican school administrators towards school improvement planning and is now in the process of completing a second piece of research dealing with educational policy development practices in Jamaica. 
As part of its competency-based training in strategic educational planning, the Centre has completed one consultancy in Antigua which facilitated the training of twenty-four (24) school principals in the development of school improvement plans. The CCEP has also facilitated the development of school improvement plans (SIPs) for three (3) secondary schools in Jamaica. The Centre is also capable of providing evaluation of such plans.

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