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The CCEP and You

THE CCEP assists schools develop their School Improvement Plans

The CCEP is working with schools in Jamaica to craft their School Improvement Plans (SIP). These SIPs are informed by important sources of data, including: 
the latest report of the National Education Inspectorate on the particular school, the evaluation of the school’s latest SIP – if it had one, and a SWOT analysis 

The approach used by the CCEP is highly consultative. The first consultative session is a town-hall style meeting involving representatives from every conceivable stakeholder grouping of the school. These stakeholders include: 

  • Vendors 
  • Taxi drivers 
  • Student representatives 
  • Ancillary, administrative, and academic members of staff 
  • PTA, past students representatives 
  • Senior management 
  • Board members 

This first session is devoted to re-imagining the future school and the major outcomes; this includes new Vision and Mission statements. Two subsequent sessions are held with smaller groupings of stakeholders at which school-wide and departmental objectives are developed and strategies to achieve them agreed. The final session is a feedback session where the draft plan is presented, discussed, and refined. 

The CCEP has employed this strategy to assist three (3) secondary schools in Jamaica to complete their strategic plans. The schools that used the services of the CCEP to develop their SIPs are Spalding High School in Clarendon, Rhodes Hall High School in Hanover and Iona High School in St. Mary.

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