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Jamaica's Seismograph Network

General Information

The Jamaica Seismograph Network (JSN) consists of thirteen broadband seismograph stations (pictured above) used for the continuous monitoring of seismic activity. The data from this network is used to determine magnitude and location of earthquakes in the Unit’s earthquake database.

Along with the broadband seismographs are accelerograph sensors which record significant ground motion in their immediate vicinity and are triggered by local earthquakes of magnitude 4 and higher. The JSN accelerographs, along other such sensors installed at some key institutions around the island, comprise the Jamaica Strong Motion Accelerograph Network (JSMAN). Accelerograph data is used to delimit strong ground shaking, and thereby determine areas with a high potential for damage.


Three Siesmometers

Three seismometers (sensors) attached to accelerometer


Antenna at Central Recording
Antenna at Central Recording Station used for receiving seismograph station data

List of JSN Stations

Station Code Station Name Elevation (meters)
BBJ Bamboo, St. Ann 760
BNJ Bonny Gate, St. Mary 490
CMJ Castle Mountain, Portland 390
CVJ Pike/Coleyville, Manchester 990
GWJ Greenwich, St. Andrew 1170
HOJ UWI Mona, St. Andrew 230


Near Negril, Westmoreland


MBJ Montego Bay, St. James 510
MCJ Munro College, St. Elizabeth 660
PCJ Portland Cottage, Clarendon 200


Stony Hill, St. Andrew


MTECB Mount Edgecombe, Westmoreland 166
YHJ Yallahs, St. Thomas 600


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