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Local Tectonics

Jamaica itself is traversed by several geological faults that feature Quaternary left-lateral offsets. In eastern Jamaica, the Plantain Garden (YPG) fault runs into the Yallahs, Blue Mountain (BM), Wagwater (WW), and Silver Hill faults, which together control the tectonics of the Blue Mountain block. In western Jamaica, the topography is influenced by the South Coast (SOC), Spur Tree (ST) and Montpelier-Newmarket (MNB) faults that exhibit large downthrows to the south and west, respectively. Earthquakes occurring across the country today predominantly exhibit strike-slip faulting, which mirrors the movements along the Oriente Fracture Zone (OFZ).

(After Jamaica Geological Structure Series Map 92-21, 1992)

Fault Line Legend

Offshore Faults:   

  • WFZ - Walton Fault Zone
  • NJF - North Jamaica Fault
  • EF - Enriquillo Fault

Major land faults:

  • ML - Maryland
  • DFZ - Duanvale
  • SCr - Santa Cruz
  • ST - Spur Tree
  • SoC - South Coast
  • RMCR - Rio Minho-Crawle River
  • WW - Wagwater
  • BM - Blue Mountain
  • YPG - Yallahs-Plantain Garden

Other Structural features:

  • H - Hanover Block
  • NCB - North Coast Block
  • C - Clarendon Block
  • B - Blue Mountain Block
  • MNB - Montpelier-Newmarket Belt
  • WWB - Wagwater Belt
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