About FSS

Why choose FSS? 

The Faculty has, for over sixty years, fostered a vibrant student body, provided an excellent teaching and learning environment, and facilitated research and scholarship in practically every sphere of Caribbean life. With over 6,000 undergraduate students currently enrolled across all disciplines of the Social Sciences, the FSS sees itself as an integrated learning community which values both disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies and encourages students to take advantage of the insights and skills that can be gained from a range disciplines, including those outside of the faculty, and from an active participation in co-curricular activities, internships and other enrichment opportunities.

As the largest faculty at the University of the West Indies, The Faculty of Social Sciences, through its academic departments, offers a wide range of undergraduate programmes leading to a Bachelor of Science (BSc.) degree. These programmes are designed to allow you to pursue the areas about which you are passionate.  We provide an educational experience that gives you the skills you need to achieve academic success and fulfill your career aspirations in three years by full-time students and four years by part-time students. In addition to degree majors, the Faculty offers minors which allow students to explore an independent or related field of study thereby complementing their substantive programme of study.

We have a professional and civic responsibility to our Caribbean people to ensure that future leaders are equipped  with  tools  necessary  to  secure  the  sustainable  development  of  our  region.  To  fulfil  this  responsibility,  we continually strive to  ensure  that  you  acquire  the  attributes  of  the  distinctive  UWI  graduate for future leadership roles within the region and beyond.  

Six (6) reasons to make the Faculty of Social Sciences your place to shine:

60 yearsyears of rich history of scholarship with eminent graduates including regional prime ministers and Rhodes scholars.
Over 50undergraduate, diploma and graduate degrees to ignite your passion and put you on the path to financial independence and a successful career.
300+courses designed to open your mind to all the disciplines within the Social Sciences.
200+diverse members of the teaching staff who bring their research and industry knowledge into your classroom experience.
8000+current students have placed trust in the FSS to navigate their academic journey.
1stplace for impactful social and economic research that create positive change towards growth and development of peoples within the Region.