Set out below are links to information relating to visitors to the Faculty and the University.

Accessing the Campus

Access to the UWI Campus

Visitors should note that access to the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus through the Queens Way Gate on the Hermitage Road has been restricted only to vehicles with UWI Parking Stickers.  Persons with UWI Parking Stickers may enter the Campus through any gate. Students and staff should apply for UWI Parking Stickers at the Personnel Office. 

Visitors and persons conducting legitimate business will be given access to the Campus through the Post Office Gate and the Irvine Hall Gate.  Only legally authorized (red plate taxis) will be allowed to enter the Campus.  Entry will be through the Post Office or Irvine Hall gates.  Spikes will be laid on the Ring Road to prevent breaches of the one-way traffic regulations on the Campus.  The restrictions are being implemented in keeping with the University of the West Indies (Mona Campus) (Security) Act.

Security on Campus

Security on the UWI Mona Campus

Security on the Mona Campus is everybody's business. Security affairs are managed by the office of the director of security who brings together the Campus Security Unit (uniformed security officers) and the Mona Police. Together they form the security team that facilitates the roll-out of programmes to enhance security and educate stakeholders and visitors of their responsibilities for personal security. Campus security services are not restricted to deter, prevent and apprehend violators, but also aid in the provision of services to enhance life, mobility and the general campus experience.

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Smoking Policy 

Smoking on Campus

According to Section 1 of the Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Manual, EOHS S01-016 Housekeeping:

Smoking is not permitted inside buildings and/or within 50ft of material storage.  This includes all offices, restrooms, locker rooms, production floor, storage areas, coolers, etc.  

Smoking is permitted outside in designated areas.  Please refer to EOHS 01-006 for further details. To prevent fires and keep the ground neat and orderly, all cigarette/cigar ashes and butts are to be disposed of in the provided butt cans or ash-trays only.

Taxi Service Regulation

The rationale for the new Taxi Policy

New Taxi Service Regulations at the UWI Mona Campus - Effective August 13, 2007
There is strong sentiment among the Mona Campus community to restrict taxis from using the Ring Road and generally control their activities on the rest of the Campus because of the lack of discipline currently demonstrated by these drivers. The problems are not only related to licensed taxis but also to private vehicles operating as 'robot taxis'. Currently, Campus Security deals with these problems on an ad hoc basis by identifying offending vehicles and refusing to allow them access to the Campus. This method has not been successful because in many instances the drivers do not own the vehicles identified by Campus Security and therefore find their way back on the Campus using other vehicles to carry out their illegal activities.

The University of the West Indies Mona wishes to advise that in accordance with the Mona Campus Security Act 2002, Finance and General Purposes Committee,  Mona has agreed that measures should be implemented to streamline and control taxi service on the Campus and that effective August 13, 2007:

  1. Only authorized taxis will be allowed to offer service on the Mona Campus.
  2. The only taxi operators authorized to offer service on the Mona Campus are Corporate Area Taxi Association and JUTA Taxis.
  3. Staff, students, and visitors to the Campus using unauthorized taxis will have to make their own arrangements to be transported from the gates to their destination on Campus                           
  4. A Corporate Area Taxi Association dispatcher can be reached at 899-8847 or 489-1884.
  5. A regularly updated list of authorized taxis will be made available to the campus community.
  6. Telephones will be available at the gate for staff and visitors to the Campus to call Corporate Area Taxi Association if necessary.
  7. Staff members who have special cases with respect to other taxi operators are asked to contact Dr. Steve Weaver at UWI School of Nursing, Mona or                
  8. The UWI Mona Campus is not responsible for the operations of the Corporate Area Taxi Association and does not assume responsibility for use of the taxi service.

Public Relations Office, Mona

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Parking Policy

FSS Parking Policy


Access to the Faculty's main car parks is reserved for vehicles displaying valid permits/stickers between 7:30am to 7pm, Monday to Friday. Staff wishing to apply for a parking permit should complete and submit an application to the Faculty Office.


Students are not usually allowed access to the Faculty's car parks and are encouraged to use designated student parking areas. However, students who are physically challenged or otherwise unable to use the University car park because of a medical condition may apply to the Faculty Office for a special permit at the link above. 


Arrangements have been made for the issue of temporary parking permits for visitors. Visitors who have been issued with a visitor parking permit by their host department, institute, or unit may park in the Faculty's main car parks. Departments should however request, from the Faculty Office, via, temporary parking permits on the behalf of their visitors.

Students and visitors must display the special or temporary parking permit clearly on the dashboard or rearview mirror to avoid the vehicle being clamped.

UWI Parking Policy

By law, parking on the Mona Campus is permitted in designated areas only, with a fine of $3000 for anyone parking in a place not designated. Logically, spaces reserved specifically for an officer or office or department cannot be used by other persons, nor can a vehicle take up more than one parking space without being in breach. You are advised to observe the parking regulations on Campus.

All motorists should note that The University of the West Indies, Mona does not accept liability for loss or damage to any vehicle, its accessories or content however caused while the vehicle is parked on the Campus.