FSS Mascot

Image of FSS Tiger MascotThe Faculty of Social Sciences is pleased to announce that the Tiger has been chosen as the Faculty Mascot. The nomination was approved by the FSS community through a survey of options.

It is not a coincidence that of all the options that were presented to members in our Faculty, the majority chose the Tiger as our mascot representative. On the surface, the choice of the Tiger may appear to be obvious, as the colours of its fur (orange, black and brown) are synonymous with the Faculty’s orange. The choice of the Tiger may have also been an unconscious calling, which delved further into the symbolic meaning of the Tiger. It is understood that this specie represents strength, courage, determination, dignity and independence - a replication of who we as members in the Faculty of Social Sciences have been practicing for the last 60 years.

Although the year 2020 has brought some challenges and disruptions to our normal lives, it has also brought some unique opportunities. Unknowingly, we seemed to have been operating through our Tiger spirit, in that, we have been “transforming our strong emotions” such as fear, confusion and anger, into “wisdom”. We have risen above several challenges, including the pandemic and have come to the realization that not only can we manage courageously, but we can become better versions of ourselves.

“With the strength of the Tiger, we will move forward with Faculty pride and integrity, while harnessing our mental and physical strengths. Being the “powerful, potent, phenomenal beings” that we are, we will lean on, encourage and empower each other. Irrespective of the challenges that lie ahead, we know that we can find the “will power” to overcome them.

FSS-Tigers/Tigresses, though the journey at times may be perceived as long and arduous, we continue to thrive, knowing that at times we will “need to conserve on our energies” and “choose wisely” how we will expend them today and beyond.

In “silence and solitude”, and free from “any distractions”, we must reflect on our past, introspect, and stealthily charge into the future with new insights, inspirations, and goals.

FSS TIGERS! FSS TIGRESSES! “Dis Yah Academic Year and Beyond Wi A Roll Wid It”