Degree Checklists

Am I on the right track?

Not sure of the courses you need to complete the requirements for your chosen degree major? The checklists below are intended as a guide to you keep on the right track.

  • A credit check reveals the number of courses completed and the courses and credits needed to complete your programme of study.
  • Choose the checklist that corresponds with the year you were admitted to pursue the major. For example, if you were accepted to pursue Banking and Finance in academic year 2018/2019, you are required to use the checklist for that major and year until you have completed all the requirements.
  • If you change your major from Banking and Finance to Economics in academic year 2020/2021, you must now follow the Economics major checklist for 2020/2021.
  • If you are pursuing a double major, it is advisable that you complete a separate checklist for each major.
  • These checklists, however, do not provide official confirmation of your eligibility to graduate.

If after completing the checklist your have questions related to your rate of progress, please contact your department or academic advisor.

To complete the checklist on your mobile device, you must first download a pdf reader and editor such as Xodo PDF Reader + Editor to your mobile device.

BSc Banking and Finance & Economics [Double Major]

BSc Banking and Finance

BSc Economics and Mathematics [Double Major]

BSc Economics and Statistics [Double Major]

BSc Economics

BSc Statistics


BSc Africa and African Diaspora Studies

BSc International Relations

BSc Political Leadership, Strategy and Management

BSc Political Science

BSc Public Policy and Management

Sociology, Psychology and Social Work

BSc Demography

BSc Labour and Employment Relations

BSc Psychology

BSc Social Anthropology

BSc Social Policy and Development

BSc Social Work

BSc Sociology

Mona School of Business and Management

BSc Accounting

BSc Entrepreneurship

BSc Hotel Management

BSc Human Resource Management

BSc Management Studies

BSc Marketing

BSc Operations Management

BSc Tourism Management