Summer School Programme

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The Summer School programme for the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) is usually held during the period June and July.  Credits for courses passed will be granted to registered students of the University.  Students who register in the summer school programme are subject to all Faculty and University regulations. It is important for students to note that the Summer School programme is OPTIONAL.  Students outside the Faculty of Social Sciences are required to consult their respective faculties for course approval before registering for FSS Summer School.

Period of Study:  Classes in the Summer School shall normally be conducted during the period June 1 and July 31.  The minimum contact hours shall be no less than 13 hours per credit.


Who Can Register

The following categories of students are eligible for admission to the Summer School:

UWI Students

  • Registered students of the University who have to repeat any of the courses offered.
  • Registered students of the University who have not taken the course(s) previously but fall into one of the following categories: (1) UWI students who have not yet completed the requirements for the degree, diploma or certificate programme for which they are registered and (2) Registered UWI students from other UWI campuses.
  • Students of the University who have been granted (a) leave of absence for Semester I and/or 2 preceding the Summer School, or (b) deferral of entry.  Such students should register at the start of the Summer School, for Summer School onlyStudents on Leave of absence for an entire year are not eligible for admission to Summer School courses.

Non-UWI Students

  • Other persons, not students of the University, who are eligible to matriculate at either the normal or lower level.  (These students must register in the Summer School programme and also with the Admissions Section of the University as Specially Admitted Students.)
  • Tertiary Level Institution (TLI) students.


Academic Integrity

Students have the responsibility to know and observe the Regulations of the Faculty and the University of the West Indies. Additionally, the regulations prohibit plagiarism, falsification of information and academic dishonesty. All Faculty and University regulations are enforced during the Summer School programme.



A minimum attendance of 75% of lectures/tutorials is required. The teaching materials and course outline should be available at the beginning of the Summer Programme and also upon request.  Please contact your department's Summer School coordinator or the department Summer School webpage for further information.


Course Selection and Registration for UWI Students

  • A student is deemed to be fully registered for the Summer School Programme when the student has fulfilled his/her financial obligations to the University.
  • Faculty of Social Sciences students may register for up to three (3) courses in the summer programme.
  • Faculty bulletins, notices, information guide, course timetable and registration materials for Summer School will be available online. 
  • Course Selection will be carried out online via the Student Administration System (SAS). Students are required to select courses on-line before making payments.
  • Only those students who have been notified in writing that they are allowed to do Exams Only can apply to register in this category.  Student with appropriate notification should apply for Exams Only through the Faculty Coordinator or the Deputy Dean, FSS.
  • Students should note that each course on the timetable appears in one of three 2-hour slots, labeled Slot A, Slot B, and Slot C, respectively.  Students who are pursuing two courses, should choose carefully and register for only one course in any one slotRefunds will not be granted for any clashed course save where there has been a timetable change resulting in the clash.


Course Selection and Registration for Specially Admitted Students/Non-UWI Students

  • Non-UWI or Specially Admitted students are required to download a copy of the Special Admissions Application Forms via  http://www/admissions/specially_admitted.php
  • Complete Admission Application Forms fax/return to the Admissions Sections, Registry
  • Specially-Admitted students are required to pay for Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees.



The Faculty prepares a comprehensive timetable for all departments. This timetable will be available online on each department's website.  Students should note that each course on the timetable appears in one of three 2-hour slots, labeled Slot A, Slot B, and Slot C, respectively.  Therefore each course meets 3 times per week for a total of six hours. Summer school courses are offered in one of three time slots - students should choose carefully and register for only one course in only one time slot.


Examinations and Course Load

Students can register for a maximum of THREE courses within the Faculty (including Exams Only). Students are advised to check the timetable before registering.  Examination procedures will be the same as those that apply for the end of semester examinations.  Some courses may have a course work component. Finalizing students may apply to do a third course via the Student Adminstrative System.  



Students may withdraw from a course in the normal period by notifying the Faculty Office in writing, and copying the Campus Registrar and the Summer School Coordinator.  The student should clearly state the reason for the withdrawal and complete the required application form for refund where applicable.  Students who wish to withdraw from a course after the normal period, must apply to the Academic Board, through their respective Faculty Office.  Check with your department regarding the refund policy.


Payment of Fees

Cash, Manager's cheques, Debit and Credit cards will be accepted as payment for Summer School courses.  There is a penalty for cheques which are returned to drawer. Part payment of fees is NOT allowed. 

  • Fee Payment can be made at the Registry Cashier (using Debit/Credit card), Bill Express, Paymaster or via UWI eCommerce at  Students who make payment using eCommerce do so with a credit card.  Payments using any of the methods listed above, require no Voucher collection from Customer Services.
  • Fees can also be paid at the National Commercial Bank (NCB).  Students are required to select their course(s) online before making payment.
  • Students from the Faculties of Humanities & Education and Pure & Applied Sciences who wish to pursue courses in the Faculty of Social Sciences should seek permission from their faculty before paying for these courses.