Summer School Programme

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  • The FSS Summer School programme is NOT mandatory for students.  
  • The Programme facilitates students who may wish to resit courses or accelerate in their programme of study.
  • The Programme normally runs for 6 weeks between June and July. 
  • Credits for courses passed will be granted to registered students of the University.
  • Students who register in the Summer School programme are subject to all Faculty and University regulations.

Who Can Register

The following categories of students are eligible for admission to the Summer School Programme:

UWI Students

  • Registered students of the UWI who have to repeat any of the courses offered.
  • Registered students of the UWI who are taking a course for the first time.
  • Registered students from other UWI campuses.
  • Students on leave of absence for Semester I and/or 2 preceding the Summer School. 

Non-UWI Students

  • Other persons, not students of the University, who are eligible to matriculate at either the normal or lower level may enrol as Specially Admitted Students.
  • Special Admissions Application Forms must be downloaded, completed and returned to Student Affairs, Admissions and International Office, Registry.
  • Student pursuing programmes at UWI-approved Tertiary Level Institution (TLI).

Course Offering

  • The Faculty offers a wide range of courses during the Summer School Programme.
  • Click here to view course offering.

Course Delivery

  • Summer School courses will be delivered face-to-face unless otherwise indicated.
  • Students have the responsibility to know and observe the regulations of the Faculty and The UWI.
  • All Faculty and University regulations are enforced during the Summer School programme.
  • A minimum attendance of 75% of lectures/tutorials is required.
  • The teaching materials and course outline should be available at the beginning of lectures. 

Course Load and Examinations

  • Students are allowed a maximum of two (2) courses or 6 credits during the Summer School Programme.
  • Finalizing students may be permitted to pursue a third course.
  • Each course meets 3 times per week for a total of six hours for six weeks.
  • The workload for each course is the same as the regular semester.
  • The programme demands intense focus and committment and as such students are urged to adhere to the credit limit.
  • Examination procedures will be the same as those that apply for regular semester examinations. 
  • The Faculty takes all forms of cheating very seriously.  Click here to view our campaign video.

Registration and Payment Schedule

  • Click here to view schedule

Course Selection and Registration

  • Course selection is carried out online via the Student Administration System (SAS) portal.
  • Non-UWI students must first apply as Specially-Admitted students before being able to access the registration portal.
  • Students are required to select courses online before making payments.
  • Students must apply for Exams Only via the Automated Student Request System (ASRS) once they have satisfied the eligibility criteria.
  • Only those students who have been notified in writing that they are allowed to do Exams Only can apply to register in this category. 
  • Students who are pursuing two courses should choose carefully as refunds will not be granted because of clashed courses save where there has been a timetable change.

Fee Payment Options

Cash, Manager's cheques, Debit and Credit cards will be accepted as payment for Summer School courses.  There is a penalty for cheques which are returned to drawer. Part payment of fees is NOT allowed. 

  • Fee Payment can be made at the Registry Cashier (using Debit/Credit card), Bill Express, Paymaster or via UWI eCommerce.
  • Students who make payment using eCommerce do so with a credit card.  Payments using any of the methods listed above, require no Voucher collection from Customer Services.
  • Fees can also be paid at the National Commercial Bank (NCB).
  • Specially-admitted students are required to pay for Tuition and Miscellaneous Fees.


  • Students may withdraw from a course after the normal registration period has passed by applying for Late Adjustment to Registration via the Automated Student Request System (ASRS).
  • Students must check with the Bursary regarding the refund policy.

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