Undergraduate Academic Programmes

The Faculty of Social Sciences currently offers more than 20 programmes of study leading to a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree. These programmes are designed to be completed in three years by full-time students and four years by part-time students.

The Faculty also offers minors which allow students to explore an independent or related theme or field of study thereby complementing their substantive major or special.

We welcome the brightest, the critical and creative thinker, the ambitious, the inquisitive, the scientific minded and the lifelong, self-motivated learner.

Department of Economics

Economics is the study of how people make choices about their material conditions, that is, about work, investment, and consumption, and the implications of these choices for the wider society. Our degrees programmes will expose you to a wide range of individual and societal problems and introduce you to a set of theoretical, practical and analytical tools and skills necessary for understanding and solving complex economic problems.

Upon graduation, you will be equipped with the requisite knowledge and core skills to ensure your success at any job in you field.  Many of our graduates hold high-level positions in the government and in most financial institutions locally and within the Caribbean.

Degree Majors


  • Economics
  • Statistics

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Department of Government

Our degree programmes provide students with an in-depth, critical understanding of concepts and practices relating to government and governance in general, but political behaviours, leadership, international trade, public institutions, policy making and the exercise of power in particular.

The mission of the Department is to groom next-generation leaders and critical thinkers who will use the practical and theoretical tools cultivated through their chosen programme of study to solve existing as well as emerging social, political and cultural challenges.  Our graduates can, therefore, envision a career in diplomacy, political science, or working in philanthropic institutions, public agencies and private sector organizations in any contemporary society.

Degree Majors


  • Criminology
  • Political Science
  • International Relations
  • Public Policy and Management
  • Political Leadership, Strategy and Management

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Mona School of Business and Management

The School is committed to providing you with a quality management education. Our teaching and learning methodologies ensure that you will have the latest technologies at your disposal, practical working experiences through internships, and networking opportunities as our careful selection process ensures that you have among your colleagues some of the brightest and best that the Caribbean has to offer.  

A degree from the School provides graduates with competencies that can be transferred and applied to many areas of business including finance, investments, product sales, technology, manufacturing, taxation, marketing, banking, and entrepreneurial endeavours.

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Department of Sociology, Psychology and Social Work

The programmes offered by the Department enable students to develop the competencies and tools to understand and analyze the dynamics, patterns and processes of social life.   Students are encouraged to think critically about the human experience more broadly but in particular, explore a wide array of study topics including gender identities, cultural differences, migration, motivation, family life, aging, racism, poverty, and their collective impact on socio-economic development.  

Our graduates are equipped with a broad intellectual foundation for any career which requires social research and analytical skills in both the private and public sectors locally, regionally and internationally. 

Degree Majors/Specials


  • Demography
  • Labour and Employment Relations
  • Psychology
  • Social Anthropology
  • Social Policy and Development
  • Social Psychology
  • Sociology


  • Population and Development
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Social Work

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