Academic Forgiveness Policy


Academic Forgiveness provides an opportunity for students to recover from prior academic challenges thus improving their likelihood of completion.  The guiding principle is to preserve the integrity of the programme the student is expected to complete.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Academic Forgiveness is normally applied to students who withdraw voluntarily or because the University required them to withdraw.
  • Students required to withdraw must remain out of the UWI system for a minimum of one year to obtain academic forgiveness.
  • Students who either transfers from another Faculty or granted a waiver of the requirement to withdraw without remaining out of the UWI system for a minimum of one year, will be deemed to be continuing students and would not be eligible for academic forgiveness.

Policies Governing Academic Forgiveness

  • Students who have been re-admitted to UWI after a period of absence and are eligible for academic forgiveness will be advised by the Dean of the courses, if any, that may be used as transfer credits.
  • The maximum number of transfer credits, which would normally be Level 1 courses.
  • The Dean, with permission of the Board for Undergraduate Studies, may determine which Level II or Level III courses previously taken could be considered as transfer credits.
  • The age of the courses previoulsy taken, the grade received, and the degree GPA of the student will be taken into account when determining the courses for transfer credit.