Call of Papers: Psychology International Conference

The Psychology Unit will host its 1st International Conference under the theme ‘Dying to be Beautiful? Body Image, Eating Behaviours and Health in the Caribbean’ from January 13-15, 2012.


The Conference welcomes papers relating to any of the proposed themes below:

  • Eating Disorders: Medical and Cultural norms that define Body Image.
  • Is there a Fat Gene? The Physiology of Obesity.
  • Health Issues associated with being Overweight: Challenging the Extreme Aesthetics.
  • Body Dysmorphia, Skin Tattooing and Plastic surgery: Body denigration or Body appreciation?
  • Building a healthy lifestyle between you and your body.
  • Race is no longer biologically determined: Challenging the Bleaching Phenomenon.


A selection of the best papers from the conference will be published.

           Deadline for abstracts: August 31, 2011

           Deadline for acceptances: October 31, 2011

           Deadline for completed papers: November 31, 2011


Click link below to view submission guidelines.

Event Date: 
Thursday, 30 June 2011 - 2:00am