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A.  Students pursuing programmes/courses within the Faculty should note that the following courses cannot be taken together for credit.  For example, ACCT2017 cannot be taken with HOTL2021 for credit.

ACCT2017 with HOTL2021

ECON1001 with ECON1000 or ECON1012

ECON1002 with ECON1000 or ECON1012

ECON1003 with MATH0110 or MATH1140 or MATH1150 or MATH1180

ECON1005 with MATH2140 or MATH2150 or SOCI1005

ECON1006 with MATH1150 or MATH1180

ECON1000 with ECON1001 or ECON1002

ECON1012 with ECON1001 or ECON1002

ECON2000 with MGMT2020

ECON2007 with ECON2008 or MATH2150 or MATH3341

ECON2008 with ECON2007 or MATH2150 or MATH3341 or SOCI2008

ECON2009 with MATH2150 or MATH3441 or SOCI2008

ECON2010 with SOCI2009

ECON2014 with SOCI2007

ECON2017 with MATH2125 or MATH2160

ECON2019 with MATH2110

ECON2020 with ECON2021

ECON3031 with MATH2140 

ECON3032 with MATH2150 or MATH2160

ECON3037 with MATH3130

ECON3038 with MATH3370

ECON3049 with MATH3341

GOVT3051 with GOVT3056

MGMT2005 with HOTL2016

MGMT2008 (MS22A) with MGMT2008 (HM222)

MGMT2029 (MS22C) with MGMT2029 (HM220) or LANG3101

MGMT2003 with EDCE2025

MGMT3017 with HOSP2023

MGMT3016 with MGMT3136

PSYC1003 with PSYC1006

PSYC2000 with PSYC2020

PSYC2021 with PSYC2005

PSYC3001 with PSYC3029

PSYC 3028 with PSYC3000

SOCI1001 with EDRS2007


B.  Students pursuing Economics or Banking and Finance (Special) MUST NOT register for the following courses.

MGMT2020 (MS26A)

MGMT3034 (MS33F)


C.  Students pursuing Management Studies (Accounting) option or the Accounting Major or any Level III Accounting course are not allowed to register for the following course:

ACCT2019 (MS25H)

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