Change of Programme Regulations

Change of Major/Minor/Special

  • A student may, with permission from the relevant Head of Department (HoD), change their programme or Major/Minor/Special within the Faculty.  
  • Students shall not be permitted to change Major/Special or add Major/Minor(s) in their first year or year of admission or re-admission.
  • Students are required to apply to and receive approval from their HoD before being eligible to pursue a programme. Self-declaring a programme is strongly discouraged.
  • The University reserves the right not to award a Major/Minor if approval was not granted by the department to pursue the programme even if the requisite conditions have been satisfied.
  • Students shall obtain approval to change or add a programme before attempting required course. Once programme is approved, students should have no difficulty obtaining the requisite overrides from their department to enrol in a course.
  • The regulations above only apply in instances where a student is changing from the Major that they were admitted into the University to pursue or if they want to pursue a Minor/Major along with their substantive Major.
  • Students approved for change of Major/Minor/Special shall pursue the programme requirements outlined in the Handbook for the year approval was granted.
  • A student shall declare a Major on completion of 15 credits post Level I, assuming that they have not done extra courses.