Co-Curricular Credits

Co-curricular credits will be awarded on the following basis:

(a)  Students must be involved in the activity for at least one (1) semester.

(b)  Explicit learning outcomes must be identified for each activity.

(c)   There must be clearly defined mode(s) of assessment for each activity.

Students will be eligible for no more than 3 credits for involvement in co-curricular activities. The activities may be Campus specific.

The Office of Student Services and Development (OSSD) and the School of Education on the Campus will administer the award of credits.

The grading of co-curricular credits will be pass/fail.

All co-curricular activities/programmes must be approved in advance by the Faculty and Academic Boards.

Subject to Faculty Regulations, co-curricular credits will form part of the 90 credits for a degree. However, in special circumstances, if credits are earned in excess of those required for the degree, these and the associated activity will be included on the student’s transcript.