Course Credits and Weighting

  • Undergraduate courses in the Faculty normally carry a weighting of three (3) credits.
  • Where courses taught over an academic year (i.e., year long or across Semesters 1 and 2) normally carry a weighting of six (6) credits.
  • In the case of a 6-credit course, the substitution is either another 6-credit course or two 3-credit courses.
  • Credit hours earned refers to the credits for each course that count toward the degree requirement and for which a passing grade is obtained.
  • Credit hours earned in courses taken on a Pass/Fail basis shall not be included in calculating GPA.
  • Credits hours earned from another institution at the time of admission to the UWI will not be used in the computation of a GPA.
  • No academic credit may be granted for auditing a course.
  • A student who voluntarily withdraws from the University and who applies for re-admission within five (5) years shall be granted exemption and credit for courses previously passed, subject to the time limit for the maintenance of credits stipulated in the relevant Faculty Regulations.