Course Selection and Registration

(a)  All Faculty of Social Sciences students should register for no more than two (2) courses in the summer programme.

(b)  Course Selection will be carried out via the Internet at the website  Students are required to select courses on-line before making payments.

(c)   Students from the Faculties of Humanities & Education and Pure & Applied Sciences who wish to pursue courses in the Faculty of Social Sciences should seek permission from their faculty before paying for these courses.

(d)  Only those students who have been notified in writing that they are allowed to do Exams Only can apply to register in this category.  Students with appropriate notification should apply for Exams Only through the Faculty Coordinator or the Deputy Dean, FSS.

(e)  Students who are pursuing two courses, should choose carefully and register for only one course in any one slot.  (See below for Timetable format).  Refunds will not be granted for any “clashed course” save where there has been a timetable change resulting in the clash.