(a)  In the case of examination by coursework only, a student gaining an overall mark higher than 40% but passing in only one component will be required to repeat at the next available sitting the component that was failed.

(b)  A student who is absent from a coursework examination may apply to the Dean for exemption from this examination no later than one (1) week following the date of this examination.  He/she must at the same time submit to the Assistant Registrar (Examinations) justification for such absence (such as, in case of illness, a medical certificate complying with any applicable Examination Regulations).  The Dean shall consider any such request for exemption in consultation with the relevant Head of Department and course lecturer.  If the exemption is granted, the percentage mark available to be awarded for the final examination will be increased correspondingly.

(b)  Students are asked to pay special attention to Examination Regulation 19, which states:  “Any candidate who has been absent from the University for a prolonged period during the teaching of a particular course year for any reason other than illness or whose attendance at prescribed lectures, classes, practical classes, tutorial or clinical instructions has been unsatisfactory or who has failed to submit essays or other exercises set by his/her teachers, may be debarred by the relevant Academic Board, on the recommendation of the relevant Faculty Board, from taking any University examinations.”

(c)   An Undergraduate Coursework Accountability Statement is to be attached by students registered for undergraduate courses in the Faculty to the front of any document submitted as a component of coursework save for when coursework consists of an invigilated examination, no accountability statement is required and where the submission is entirely in electronic form, the student shall make an equivalent declaration electronically. (Students may download a copy of the Statement from the Faculty’s website).

Adapted from The UWI Extracts from Examination Regulations for First Degrees, Associate Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates 2008/2009 Regulations 19 (Student Copy).