Deferral of Sitting Examinations

Deferral of sitting examination(s) occurs when students are permitted to postpone the sitting of an examinations or submission of coursework until an approved future semester or academic year.

Students are permitted to defer sitting examinations if requests are made prior to the date of the examination and provided the students meet one of the following criteria:

  • Part-time students who have been given overseas assignments by their employers.  Formal representation must be made by the employer.
  • Students who have been selected to represent their country on a national team.  Formal representation must made by the national association.
  • Students who because of extenuating circumstances are unable to sit their examinations (for example, medical or bereavement of an immediate family member).  Supporting documents such as letter from the University Health Centre, accident report from the Police, burial order or death certificates etc must accompany this application.

  1. Access the Student Administration System (SAS)
  2. Click on 'Enter Secure Area'
  3. Enter your identification number and password to log in
  4. From the 'Main Menu' select 'Student Services'
  5. Click on 'Automated Student Request System'
  6. Select Request Type followed by 'Deferral of Sitting Exam' from the drop down menu
  7. Select appropriate academic year and semester
  8. Locate and select course(s) to be exempted by conducting a Class Search
  9. Enter reason(s) and upload supporting documents (e.g., death or burial certificate), and medical certificate verified by the UWI’s Health Centre)
  10. Select Submit

Deferral of Exams Flow Chart

The Faculty Office is the final decision level for this request type and is committed to a response time of 10 business days after the request has been made.