Degree Categories

BSc. degrees are declared in one of the six (6) categories listed below.  A student must be formally registered in one of these categories.

(a)  Major:  30 credits for Major and 30 credits of electives

(b)  Double Major:  30 credits for each of two Majors

(c)   Major and one Minor: 30 credits for Major, 15 for one Minor and 15 electives

(d)  Major and two Minors:  30 credits for a Major and 15 for each of twoMinors

(e)  Special:  Minimum of 45 credits  for oneSpecial and 15 electives.

Students registered prior to 1998-1999 must include, among courses passed, UC010 & UC001 or UC120.

A student who, having registered for a Major, fails to obtain passes in all the designated courses will be considered for a Minor in the discipline if she/he has passed eight (8) of the ten (10) courses which include at least three (3) of the requirements for the Minor.