Examinations Only Regulations

Students will only be entitled to register for “Exams Only” in the following circumstances after having been registered for and attended classes in a course(s).

(a)  He/she has failed one or two of the final courses required to complete the degree programme at the end of their final year and obtained a mark within the F1 range, that is, no less than 45% in each course.

(b)  He/she has obtained a medical excuse, certified by the University Health Centre, for not having attempted an exam.

(c)   In exceptional circumstances, the Dean may grant a student a deferral from sitting an exam and permission to take it on a subsequent occasion, by virtue of special assignments overseas for an employer (part-time students only) or by virtue of being selected to represent the country on a national team. In both instances, formal representation will have to be made by the employer/national association.