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Faculty of Social Sciences Honours Society


Initially called The Dean's Breakfast Club, the Honours Society was engendered by the Dean of the Faculty at that time, Barry Chevannes, to create a society for the Faculty's top-performing students.  He conceptualized the Club as a potential training ground for a cadre of students who exemplify the Faculty's mission, one with on-going activities to not only nurture and enrich its members, but also to showcase them to their peers so as to encourage a scholarly culture on campus.  It was envisioned that after graduation, the Club members would perhaps be the most important category of the Faculty's Alumni; and that contact would be maintained with these prospective graduate students, employees and future lecturers/researchers.


Each year the most outstanding students who have demonstrated excellent performance in Level I (a cumulative level I GPA above 3.6 or the students ranking in the top 95th percentile) of their BSc. degree are inducted into the Honours Society at the Annual Breakfast Ceremony. Students would have met the other criteria of not having failed English and not exceeding the maximum of one failed course (not including English). They join the (now level III) members inducted from the previous year.


The Society is directly governed by an executive body in conjunction with the Dean. The five-member executive body is comprised of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer and a Secretary. At any time there should be at least two academic staff advisers assigned to the Society to help assist the executive body in directing the Society in fulfilling its purpose.

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