Foundation Courses

The Foundation courses are:

       -FOUN1013: Critical Reading & Writing in the Social Sciences OR FOUN1019: Critical Reading & Writing in the


       -FOUN1101: Caribbean Civilization

       -FOUN1201: Science, Medicine & Technology in Society

       -FOUN1301: Law, Governance, Economy and Society

       -Any other course approved by the Board of Undergraduate Studies

  • Students registered in the Faculty of Social Sciences are required to do three (3) Foundation courses namely: FOUN1013 or FOUN1019, FOUN1101, and FOUN1201. However, persons doing Social Work (Special) will be required to take FOUN1301 instead of FOUN1101.
  • Students with Grades I or II passes in CAPE Communication Studies and those who are sucessful in their sitting of the ELPT are required to do FOUN1013 in place of FOUN1019.  Students who have already completed UC120 will automatically receive exemption with credit for FOUN1001 only.
  • The Foundation course, FOUN1301-Law, Governance, Economy and Society will not count for credit if pursued by Faculty of Social Sciences students except with the permission of the Dean.
  • Students may now substitute a Foundation course (except for English Language/Writing courses) with a foreign language at the level of their competence.  They may choose from Chinese, French, Japanese, Portugese or Spanish.
  • Exemptions may also be granted from time to time by the Board for Undergraduate Studies.