Guidelines for Late Adjustment to Registration

  • Late registration penalty fees are applicable to students who wish to make adjustments to their course registration after the add/drop deadline in September (Semester 1) and January (Semester 2) and June (Summer).
  • Throughout October, February and July, students can add and drop courses by paying a penalty fee.  Click to view Schedule of Late Registration Penalties
  • Students will not be allowed to drop courses after October, February and July of each semester. 
  • In November and March of each semester, students can add courses by paying a higher penalty fee.


The steps to Add courses after the registration deadline is as follows:

  • Log onto the Student Administration Services (SAS) Portal
  • Below the "Add/Drop Classes" tab, select 'Late Adjustment to Registration with Penalty'.
  • Additional instructions will be provided including the timeframe for access, charges to your account and payment options.
  • Accept the terms and conditions and submit the application  Be sure to accept the terms once as multiple clicks may result in multiple billing of the late fine amount.
  • Once submitted, access will be allowed to register
  • Add the course to your record
  • Once the course has been added, a notice summarizing the transaction will be sent to your email.

Points to note regarding late registration

  • Only students in good financial standing will be able to add course(s)
  • Student must review the courses needed to add/drop before they agree to the terms on the system as multiple agreements will result in multiple billing of the late fine amount.
  • Students will have access to add courses automatically after acceptance of the terms and conditions.
  • Students MUST add courses to their registration within the specified period as the penalty fee paid and access granted is specific to this period.
  • Normal registration rules apply (e.g., pre-requisite, quota restrictions etc.).  Access to the system does not guarantee that a student will be able to add a course if the criteria are not met.
  • Students can request an override if course criteria are not met and MUST review their records on the system to determine if approval was granted.
  • Where the course(s) added results in additional tuition charges, the student must pay the additional fees.

How Much to Pay?

Payment Methods

  • Indirect via SAS (see instructions above)

Points to note regarding payment

  • The penalty fee is valid only for the period specified in the Schedule of Late Registration Penalties.
  • The correct penalty fee paid anytime during a penalty period will allow access to add courses only during the limits of that period. 
  • The penalty fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.  Once paid, it cannot be applied to any other payment item such as tuition fees, hall fees, etc.
  • Students must check their financial standing and whether they qualify for the course (e.g. pre-requisites and space availability) before paying the late registration penalty fee.
  • Only students in good financial standing will be permitted to make adjustments to their course registration.