Late Registration

  • Students must register for courses at the start of each academic year and within the normal registration period unless they wish to take leave of absence or withdraw voluntarily.
  • Registration will be deemed late if student fails to add a course during the semester in which the course was pursued. 
  • Deadlines for changes of registration including withdrawal from or addition of courses will be as prescribed in University Regulations.
  • Applications for late registration may be subject to a fine to be determined by the Board of Undergraduate Studies.

  • All FSS students who are in good academic standing who failed to register for a course in the previous semester may apply for late registration.
  • Late registration applies to students who did not register in the semester they sat courses.
  • Favorable consideration of late registration is dependent on whether the examination script and/or grades can be located. 
  • Depending on the reason cited for requesting late registration, students are required to upload or submit supporting documents such as:  (i) death certificate, (ii) letter from employer, or (iii) medical certificate from the UWI Health Centre.  It is on the weight of this evidence that the Board of Undergraduate Studies may determine whether a fine should be applied or not.

  1. Access the Student Administration System (SAS)
  2. Click on 'Enter Secure Area'
  3. Enter your identification number and password
  4. From the ‘Main Menu’, select ‘Student Services’
  5. Select ‘Request Type’ then ‘Late Registration’
  6. Select appropriate academic year and semester from the drop down menu)
  7. Select ‘Class Search’
  8. Locate the class and click the check box (the CRN will auto fill)
  9. Enter ‘Reason’ and click ‘Submit’.  Where applicable upload supporting documents

How to Apply for Late Registration

Outlined below are the approval levels that are involved in the processing of a late registration request:

Level 1 – Faculty

Dean’s nominee makes recommendation to Academic Board within ten (10) working days

Level 2 – Academic Board

The Office of the Deputy Principal considers the recommendation on behalf of the Academic Board within five (5) working days

Level 3 – Registry Information System (RIS)

Once approved, the students’ record is updated with the course(s) within ten (10) working days.

Penalty/fine will also be applied to the record of students, where applicable.

Late Registration Processing Steps