Level 2

Level II comprises of 60 credits normally a combination of 20 Levels II and III courses designated for each student’s degree programme, as follows:

Requirements for Level I of the degree are as follows:

(a)  30 credits for a single or one Major and 30 credits of Electives

(b)  30 credits for each of two (double)Majors

(c)   30 credits for a singleMajor and 15 for each of twoMinors

(d)  30 credits for one Major, 15 for one Minor and 15 Electives

(e)  Minimum of 45 courses for oneSpecial and a maximum of 15 Electives

Students are required to satisfy pre-requisites (where they exist) for Levels II and III courses. Students, however, do not have to complete all courses at one level before taking a course at another level as long as the pre-requisites for the course(s) have been met.