Level 2

Level II comprises of 60 credits normally a combination of 20 Levels II and III courses designated for each student’s degree programme, as follows:

Requirements for Level I of the degree are as follows:

(a)  30 credits for a single or one Major and 30 credits of Electives

(b)  30 credits for each of two (double) Majors

(c)   30 credits for a single Major and 15 for each of two Minors

(d)  30 credits for one Major, 15 for one Minor and 15 Electives

(e)  Minimum of 45 courses for one Special and a maximum of 15 Electives

Students are required to satisfy pre-requisites (where they exist) for Levels II and III courses. Students, however, do not have to complete all courses at one level before taking a course at another level as long as the pre-requisites for the course(s) have been met.