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The Faculty of Social Sciences is situated on the Mona Campus of The University of the West Indies. 


The Faculty's administrative offices and lecture rooms namely: Economics, Government, Management Studies, Sociology, the Sir Arthur Institute for Social and Economic Studies (SALISES), the Social Sciences Lecture Theatre (SSLT), and Seminar and Tutorial Rooms 4 through to 20 are located at 6 Ring Road. 


The Alister McIntyre Complex, which is located at 9 Ring Road, houses the administrative offices of the Social Work and Psychology Units, the Mona School of Business; Graduate Lecture Theatres 1 throught to 3, Population Computer Lab, Computer Lab 6, Psychology Labs 2 - 6 as well as staff offices. Click Here for MAP


It is important to note that visitors accessing the Campus by motor vehicles will be given access through the Post Office Gate and the Irvine Hall Gate.  Visitors accessing the Campus via taxi service should note that only legally authorized (red-plate taxis) will be allowed to enter the Campus. See Taxi Service regulations