Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences!

Most of you are entering the Faculty at an important point in your life, with the pursuit of this degree being the final major hurdle that you must clear before starting on the path of financial independence.  Choices regarding programmes, majors and courses probably now occupy much of your attention, with the burden of future student loan payments and a desire to maximize potential job opportunities adding to the weight of these decisions. There may also be a sense of anticipation, if not anxiety, about moving up to the next level of learning.

The fact that you have been accepted into this esteemed Faculty, which is steeped in a rich history of scholarship and eminent graduates, should indicate to you that you have all that it takes to be successful.  Your track-record speaks to the potential that you have to excel. 

Note, however, that for this potential to be actualized, you will have to be conscientious in applying yourself to the rigorous processes of learning and personal development that are at the core of the Social Sciences experience.  In this Faculty, we are not only interested in the knowledge that you are able to amass, but more so in the skills that you acquire through the process of learning.  Our goal is to equip you to be a productive member of society through your ability to be analytical, to think critically and creatively, to be innovative, and to communicate effectively, all while being rooted in a sound ethical foundation.  

Our numerous programmes offer you a wide variety of options, and are designed to allow you to pursue the areas about which you are passionate.  The surest way to excel in your academic journey is to completely throw yourself into the experience.  Choose courses that excite and challenge you, because they will force you to grow.  Focus on what you can learn, rather than what you need to know to pass an exam.  Discipline yourself and manage your time effectively.  Get involved, join a club, pursue a sport, and find ways to build your leadership skills. 

The Faculty of Social Sciences stands ready to support you in your journey.  We will provide the academic advice and administrative support that you will need.  But remember, your learning is your responsibility.  It is up to you to make the most of this tremendous opportunity.  We look forward to an enjoyable and productive experience with you. 


Professor David Tennant