Ian Boxill

Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences!

We are happy that you have chosen to be with us for a very important chapter in your academic journey. This Faculty has a long and distinguished tradition of teaching and research and prides itself in being the nesting ground for qualified and capable individuals. The excellent education you will receive here will help to transform your lives and prepare you to respond effectively to the demands of the world of work and the ever-present societal changes.

The scholarly activities with which you will be engaged here may be quite different from those you have been accustomed to and therefore will require greater focus and discipline on your part. However, we are confident that if you do your best, at the end of your time here, you will be assured similar rewards to those obtained by many of your predecessors who have made maximum use of this great learning opportunity. 

In the Social Sciences, we offer a variety of programmes and courses so as to allow for flexibility with career choices. One of our primary responsibilities is to develop a pool of citizens who, upon graduation, will be equipped to analyze complex societal problems and aid in their solutions. In this regard, the Faculty continues to make a significant contributions to local, regional and international development. This responsibility is even more relevant in the increasingly complex and ever-changing global environment.

We in the Faculty of Social Sciences are committed to being your best ally during your time at UWI. We do so by providing the type of academic advice and support services that will facilitate your learning and progress towards graduation. We, therefore, encourage you to utilize these services to help you to obtain answers to the questions you may have or to overcome difficulties you may encounter. Even as you work hard to ensure that you do well academically, be sure to get involved in our many extra-curricula activities that are on offer.

Finally, we encourage you to take responsibility for your own learning, aim to become rounded and, throughout this very important phase of your life, enjoy your student experience with us!

Professor Ian Boxill