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FSS Congratulates Dr. Andrew Spencer on his Promotion to Professor of Tourism

Posed image of Prof Andrew Spencer

Professor Andrew Spencer began his academic career at the Department of Management Studies, now the Mona School of Business and Management at The UWI Mona Campus in 2008, where he now serves as the School’s Deputy Executive Director.

He holds a BSc degree in Tourism Management and a MSc degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management from The UWI Mona Campus and a PhD degree in Tourism Strategy from Bournemouth University, in the United Kingdom.

Professor Spencer has focused his scholarly output on Tourism Development and Management and is the first to be promoted to the rank of full professor in the substantive field of tourism at The UWI.

He has produced a volume of original work that fills a critical research gap in tourism and hospitality in the Caribbean and an underrepresented area in scholarly publications and international literature. He has published over fifty scholarly works, including three books for which he is the primary author. Professor Spencer has reviewed a wide range of regional and international publications, including the Tourism Management Journal, and currently serves on the editorial board of Tourism Review (ranked B on the ABDC journal ranking) the Journal of Business Research, and the Journal of Tourism Resilience.

One external assessor described his scholarship saying “It is clear…that Dr Spencer has made a unique contribution to the development of the wider tourism academic community and has acquired strong leadership and management skills which are all vital for a Professorial role...One of the most noteworthy features of the candidate’s work…is the focus on the Caribbean area with many of his research outputs related to tourism in Jamaica, the Bahamas, and other Caribbean Islands... His work also uses many innovative research methods.”

In addition to lecturing, Professor Spencer has supervised PhD and MSc theses in Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Before his current role at the Mona School of Business and Management, he spent four years as Chief Executive Officer of the Jamaica Tourism Product Development Company Limited (TPDCo); served as Chairman of the Jamaica Centre of Tourism Innovation Council; Chairman of the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean Tourism and Hospitality Management Department Academic Advisory Board; Director of eGov Jamaica Limited; Managing Director of the Montego Bay Convention Centre Board; Director of Linkages Council, Jamaica; and Director of the Cruise Council of Jamaica. He is currently Chairman of the Governance Committee of the University Council of Jamaica and the Development Committee of the National Education Trust.

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