The FSS congratulates Professors Aldrie Henry-Lee and Lloyd Waller on their appointments as UWI Strategic Coordinators

Graphic image of Prof Henry Lee and Prof Lloyd Waller

Professors Henry-Lee and Waller form part of a team of coordinators that has been tasked with helping to ensure the effective synchronisation of operational activities and new initiatives across The UWI system, as the University further advances its Triple A Strategic Plan. The coordinators will complement the current management structure, serving as data gatherers and knowledge providers to the Executive Management Team (EMT) and facilitating a strengthened information network of Principals and PVCs.

Prof Henry-Lee is the University Director of the Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies (SALISES), and is also the Mona Campus Director. She is a Professor of Social Policy and currently coordinates the SALISES graduate course Social Investment in Children. Since joining the University in 1995, she has been involved in research and teaching in Sociology and Social Policy both at the graduate and the undergraduate levels. 

Prof Henry-Lee’s focus as a UWI Strategic Coordinator is on Gender Equity and Justice which perfectly fits her career as an advocate for the vulnerable in society, especially children. As a sociologist who has researched and published extensively on social policy issues in Caribbean small island developing states, Professor Aldrie Henry-Lee has dedicated her life’s work thus far, to tackling some of the thorniest problems affecting vulnerable groups in Caribbean societies.  Her research work has spanned several areas of Social Policy: health, social protection; poverty, vulnerability, and crime. 

Prof Lloyd Waller is a Professor of Digital Transformation Policy and Governance in the Department of Government at The University of the West Indies, Mona.  His primary areas of research and expertise are: (1) advanced research methodologies (specializing in quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods research); (2) Digital Transformation Theory and Application; (3) Governance, and (4) Tourism Resilience.

Professor Waller’s focus as a UWI Strategic Coordinator is in the area of Digital Transformation. He has done significant work on the investigation and merger of ICT with several issues that affect society, including the role and potential of information and communication technologies for the visually impaired; fear of cybercrime and the lessons for the global e-banking sector; the role of discourse in ICT for development. Prof Waller has published extensively on digital transformation, ICT for development, electronic governance, innovations in governance, as well as advanced research methods.  He currently serves as the Chair of The UWI Mona ICT Steering Committee.

The Faculty of Social Sciences wishes Prof Henry-Lee and Prof Waller much success in their new roles.  We are assured, from their well-established track records, that they will make a positive impact that will help to further advance the UWI.