Oral Examination for Final Year Students

(a) The Board of Examiners may recommend to the Department concerned that a student who has failed the last one or two courses(s) required to complete the degree be offered an oral examination in that one or those two courses provided that he/she has obtained in each instance a mark of at least 45% for the course(s).

(b) If an oral examination is granted the student may choose to decline the offer and opt for Exams Only instead. (See Regulations below).

(a)  The oral examination will be held as soon as possible after the previous examination and within the academic year in which the student is expected to graduate.  The student must contact the department concerned immediately so that arrangements can be made for the oral.

(d)  The oral examination will concern the course as a whole, and not be restricted to the questions set in the examination, which the student did. The First Examiner and at least one other examiner must be present at an oral examination.

(e) If the examination is passed, the student cannot be awarded a mark higher than 50% (a marginal pass) for the course.

(f)  If he/she fails the oral, the student will not have a right of appeal.

(a)  A student will be allowed one oral examination for any one course.

(b)  In the Department of Economics, students who qualify for an oral will be required to sit a supplemental exam instead. If successful, the student will receive a marginal passing mark of 45%.