Programme of Study Regulations

1.  Candidates for any of the degree programmes must pursue a course of study comprising at least 90 credits: at least 30 credits at Level I and at least 60 credits at Levels II and III.  As such, a student must be formally registered in one of the following categories:

  • Major
  • Double Major
  • Major and one Minor
  • Major and two Minors
  • Special/Option

2.  Students MUST complete ALL of the requirements for Levels I, II and III of their degree programmes as indicated below

2.1  Requirements for Level I of the degree programme

Students are required to complete a minimum of 30 credits or ten 3-credit Level I courses, depending on the choice of degree as follows:

  • Three (3) University foundation courses.
  • Pre-requisites for Level II/III courses and/or free electives.
  • Any other courses designated by the Departments which are not included in the above.

2.2  Requirements for Level II and Level III of the degree programme

Students are required to complete 60 credits normally a combination of 20 Level II and Level III courses designated for each student’s degree programme, as follows:

  • 30 credits for one Major and 30 credits of Electives
  • 30 credits for each of two (double) Majors
  • 30 credits for one Major and 15 for each of two Minors
  • 30 credits for one Major, 15 for one Minor and 15 for Electives
  • Minimum of 45 credits for one Special/Option and a maximum of 15 credits for Electives

3.  Students are required to satisfy pre-requisites (where applicable) for Levels II and III courses. Students, however, do not have to complete all courses at one level before taking a course at another level as long as the pre-requisites for the course(s) have been met.

4.  The Academic Board may require that the timing of registration in particular courses be such as to ensure that the course of study extends over either at least five semesters and two summer sessions or six semesters.