BSc Demography

Demography is the statistical study of all populations. It can be very general science that can be applied to any kind of dynamic population, that is, one that changes over time or space. It encompasses the study of the size, structure and distribution of populations, and spatial and/or temporal changes in them in response to birth, death, migration and aging. Human demography is the most well-known discipline of demography and, typically what people refer to when using the term demography. Demographic analysis can be applied to whole societies or to groups defined by criteria such as education, nationality, religion and ethnicity. 

You may be familiarized with demographic resources such as United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), World Balance and Fairness of Representation, United Nations (UN) and the Canadian Population Society are a few.

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Career Paths: 
Urban and Regional Planner
Passion and Interests: 
Understanding Behaviours
Being Outdoors