BSc Economics

Economics is the study of how people make choices about their material conditions, that is, about work, investment, and consumption, and the implications of those choices for the wider society, implications such as general level of prosperity and poverty, inflation, and the public debt. In order to address such matters, the courses in our BSc programme introduce you to a set of theoretical and practical tools that have application to a broad range of issues, many outside the realm of economics narrowly defined. Upon graduation, you will have become familiar with the “way of thinking” of economics, which will allow you to understand and have a perspective on the public discourse on economic issues. You will also be able to approach personal and business decisions with greater precision and consistency. The programme of study includes not only the basic tools of the discipline but a variety of applications of those tools to areas such as finance, economic development, and international trade.

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Career Paths: 
Budget Analyst
Financial Economist
International Economist
Labour Economist
Personal Financial Advisor