BSc Operations Management

The BSc Operations Management is teaches how a business uses inputs such as labour, machinery and raw material to produce saleable goods and services. For a business to maximize profit, this process of transforming inputs into outputs must be done efficiently. Operations scientists have developed mathematical and scientific theories as to how businesses should operate for optimum outcome.  This major is eclectic, drawing from areas such as: statistics, economics, accounting, marketing, human resources and finance and prepares students to assume jobs at the middle management level in areas that cover strategic, tactical and operational decisions. The Operations Management major covers both quantitative and qualitative disciplines. Students in this programme will take courses in production and operations management, productivity and quality management, quantitative methods and research principles, production planning and control, and project management, among others.

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Career Paths: 
Entertainment Coordinator
Logistics Manager
Quality Assurance Manager
Project Manager
Event Coordinator
Hotel Manager