BSc Public Policy and Management

The field of public management encompasses a wide range of activities and areas that involve the delivery of services to citizens by governments including: national security, education, health services, environmental surveillance, public works, judicial and legal administration, revenue collection, budgeting and expenditures and policy-making.  This programme is designed to explore the various approaches, trends and paradigms in public management and public policy-making. Students, who desire to become future public servants/leaders, will be equipped with the theoretical and practical capacity to confront the internal and external challenges of the public sector in the 21st century and beyond and better serve the needs of citizens. Students will examine the various roles and responsibilities of the public sector, the various approaches to  public policy-making, the changing models  and principles of public service delivery , comparative approaches to public governance and  the relationships among governments and  their various stakeholders including  citizens, business, non-governmental organizations and international agencies. Students will also acquire valuable administrative writing skills such as budget preparation and the preparation of policy memoranda and cabinet submissions. Final year students will also get the opportunity to intern at a government organization.

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Career Paths: 
Political Scientist