BSc Social Work

Social Work as a profession has existed for over one hundred years. As a formal, professional activity, Social Work is a manifestation of the community and society coming to an agreement that people who are facing difficult circumstances should not only have to rely on the goodwill of the churches, the wealthy or concerned individuals. This is one of the reasons why you will find that majority of social workers work in government agencies. However, an increasing number of the traditional nongovernmental or voluntary agencies are becoming more professionalized. 

In addition to responding to those in crisis or need, social work has always has a strong commitment to protecting human rights and securing justice for the disadvantaged. 

Social workers are found in a wide range of settings. The majority work with children, young adults and older persons and those who are directly involved in their lives, on those occasions when these persons are confronted by personal, socio-economic and even political challenges and tasks.

What do social workers do? Social Workers can help people, individually and collectively to identify and develop solutions to problems that they confront at a personal, community or organisational level. Social workers also use their knowledge about how individuals, organisations and societies function to develop and implement programmes to address people’s needs and realize their goals.

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Career Paths: 
Social Worker
Parole/Probation Officer
Passion and Interests: 
Helping People
Helping Families
Serving Your Country
Local Communities
Personality Type: 
Emotional Stability
Positive Outlook
Value Negotiation
Value Relationships