BSc Tourism Management

The BSc Tourism Management degree is designed to educate students on the theories, principles and practices of the tourism industry. The programme offers students the opportunity to understand the tourism industry regionally and internationally, and to utilize knowledge of the field to work effectively as a member of a group or independently. This three-year programme is structured so that during the first-year students are exposed to introductory courses in economics, communication and a foreign language. In the second year, courses include principles of marketing, and transport & travel. In the final year, students are exposed to such courses as event management, Caribbean tourism, and destination marketing.  The internship, which is done within the tourism sector during the summer months, and language requirement will provide students with a unique international experience as well as a competitive advantage when seeking employment in the industry. Students who take this major are qualified to commence a professional career in Tourism on graduation.

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Career Paths: 
Event Coordinator
Entertainment Coordinator