Registration Checklist

Step 1.  Obtain Registration Information

Step 2.  Selection of Courses

  • Students are required to select courses online. 
  • Students are required to register for all applicable schedule types associated with a course, that is, lectures, tutorials, seminars, labs etc. 
  • Failure to select all schedule types or components will result in an error and the student will not be able to save his or her selection.
  • Students are also required to select courses for both Semesters 1 and 2 at the start of the academic year.

Step 3.  Approvals and Override

  • Students who have requested course overrides must check their request status to determine if permission has been granted. 
  • It may become necessary for students to follow up with their lecturer, department or Faculty Office if request is not considered in a timely manner.
  • Student must be prepared to adjust their registration if override requests are not favourably considered.

Step 4.  Payment of Fees

  • Students are reminded of their responsibility to honour their financial obligation to the University of the West Indies in accordance with the specified payment deadlines.
  • Under the terms of the fee payment policy, all tuition, miscellaneous and residence fees will become due and payble at the start of each academic year. 
  • A student who is in good financial standing is one who has paid all fees and fines that are due.

Step 5.  Financial Clearance

  • Students must submit evidence of loan approval, scholarship letter, etc., if applicable to Student Administrative Services Section. 
  • Financial clearance is normally granted within two working days after the payment of fees. 
  • Where a student has not obtained financial clearance, s/he may be prohibited from accessing services at the Library and Health Centre and may be barred from sitting examinations.