FSS Excels at UWI MONA Student Award Ceremony

Model UN Team at uwi awards


On April 1st, 2023 UWI MONA had its annual Student’s Awards Ceremony. This awards ceremony occurs every year where the university recognizes its student who have excelled in both academic performance and co- curricular activities. As the university marks its 75th year of existence it is of the utmost importance that the students who make this institution successful. These students pushed, persevered and came out on top.

We at the Faculty of Social Sciences would like to congratulate these 10 students on their excellent performance.

Latonya Clayton 4.24

Adria Skeffery 4.12

Aaliyah Watson 4.06

Jhaime Grant 4.06

Bryan Franklyn 4.06

Rachelle Bradshaw 4.05

Kinshasa Dobson 4.00

Sherai Campbell 4.00

Krystal Boothe 4.00

Shamar Johnson 3.94


A BIG congratulations again to all our tigers and their excellent performance!!