Students doing Study Abroad at other Universities

From Other Universities

(a)  A student transferring from another university to read for a UWI degree will have to do a minimum of two years of full-time study or 60 credits.

(b)  Unless departments already have a record of the particular courses, course outlines are to be submitted for departments to make an assessment. Any course approved by departments will earn students exemption with credit from UWI equivalent courses up to the limit indicated by 6.3 (a) above.

(c)   Exemption without credit may be granted for course(s) in excess of limit indicated.

From Three Year Associate Degree Programme at Accredited Tertiary Learning Institutions (TLI)

Credit exemption will be granted for all courses that have been assessed by UWI (in 1998) for equivalency with specific UWI courses if a minimum B grade (TLI grading) has been achieved.

Students doing Study Abroad at other Universities

(a)  Exchange programme 

Students who seek to do part of their programme at another University - a maximum of two semesters which must not include the final semester of full time study - must have the courses they intend to do at the overseas university assessed for equivalence and approved by the relevant department at Mona before proceeding abroad.

The request to study abroad and the course(s) approved by the department must then be submitted through the Faculty to obtain Academic Board approval.  When students’ results are received from the overseas university, they will then receive credit for the courses as substitutesas approved by the Academic Board. The grade recorded will be the grade received and assessed and approved by the Academic Board as the equivalent of that awarded by the examining university.

(b)  Students doing course(s) at other universities to complete their degree programme.

Where students may be migrating or may be away from the country for a significant period and have few courses to complete their UWI degree, there may be discretionary decisions made by the Faculty and sanctioned by Academic Board.

It should be noted that first year (Level I) courses in the American Four Year Undergraduate Programme will NOT usually warrant any exemption from UWI courses.