Student Testimonials

BSc Psychology

What I loved most about psychology was the programme evaluation and monitoring course. Currently, as an Assistant Professor of Education, I find that what I have studied helps me within my scope of work. To new students I would recommend the Department of Sociology, Psychology and Social Work because it comprises a cadre of experts in thier discipline with the desire for you to be successful.

BSc Economics and Accounting

Starting university wasn't something I expected to do but it was definitely worth a try. Being a natural sciences student in high school and switching to a business student wasn't an easy bridge to cross over.  Having been introduced to the Faculty of Social Sciences and its courses, I decided in the back of my mind that “hey, I’m going to push no matter what the coursework is or the obstacles that are ahead of me”. So I decided that I would pursue an Accounting and Economics Degree.

BSc Banking and Finance and Economics

Being a part of the Department of Economics has been a rewarding experience. Currently on my last leg in my pursuit of an Economics and Banking and Finance double major, I feel as though I have been equipped with not only the knowledge, but also with the life skills needed in the working world. Although my dream is to become a lead economist, the programme has armed me with the knowledge and requirements needed for other fields such as investment and banking.

BSc Political Science

The Department of Government provides an excellent career pathway and academic tutelage for students who are planning to have a career in politics, research and public policy. The courses are designed to both intrigue and develop student’s critical thinking, research and presentation skills.

BSc. Economics and Statistics
BSc. Economics and Statistics

I am impressed by the work and study programmes to assist students financially while living on or off campus. These employment opportunities not only meet financial needs they facilitate professional growth as well.

I am sure the knowledge I learned and the hands-on experience I gained in the programme will prove most beneficial to my future pursuits in the business field.

Krystal Tomlinson
BSc. International Relations

I consider my opportunity for tertiary education as a chance to advance the welfare of the human race and the Faculty of Social Sciences had helped me to better understand individuals, how they interact with others and with their environs. No country can function without full appreciation of the social, economical and political issues affecting the society and the Faculty of Social Sciences afforded me the means of achieving a higher level of civic competence.

BSc. Management Studies Accounting

The down to earth staff in the Faculty always encouraged us to excel, and recognized our efforts when we did just that. As an accounting major, the relationship between the Faculty and the accounting community here in Jamaica was a remarkable advantage to me both inside and outside the classroom. I owe a huge part of what I have accomplished and will accomplish in terms of my personal and professional development to the Faculty and my Department.

Sandrene Forrester
BSc. International Relations

Now you are at the airport of your home country saying your final goodbyes to your friends and family and happy to start your journey to a foreign country. You’ve gone through the work of packing having tried to fit your entire room into two suitcases just to last you for the next 6 months. An adrenaline rush takes over as you depart to begin your journey and as your plane gets closer to your final destination mixed feelings of excitement and sadness take over knowing you will venture into a brand new experience but you are leaving everything you love behind.