Voluntary Withdrawal

A request for voluntary withdrawal is made by students who are unable to continue or who wish to withdraw from the programme in which they are registered.

  • Students may voluntarily withdraw from a programme at any point in their studies
  • Requests for voluntary withdrawals made after the final date set by the Academic Board for such applications will be subjected to UWI policies governing registration and tuition refund.

  1. Access the Student Administration System (SAS)
  2. Click on 'Enter Secure Area'
  3. Enter your identification number and password to log in
  4. From the 'Main Menu' select 'Student Services'
  5. Click on 'Automated Student Request System'
  6. Select 'Request Type' followed by 'Voluntary Withdrawal'
  7. Enter reason(s) and supporting documents, where applicable
  8. Select Submit

Voluntary Withdrawl Flow Chart

The Faculty Office is the final decision level for this request type and is committed to a response time of 10 business days after the request has been made.

Voluntary Withdrawal Processing Steps