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Postgraduate Course Listing


MPhil. Computer Science Courses

The MPhil. in Computing degree at UWI requires students to take a single taught course. Students complete their research for the degree once this course is finished.

MPhil. Computing Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits Semester Core Course?
COMP6010 Research Methodologies in Computer Science 6 I Yes

M.Sc. Computer Science Courses

To graduate from the M.Sc. in Computer Science programme a student must complete a total of 40 credits as follows:

  • A core of three courses(one general and two in computer science) for 12 credits
  • Five Computer Science courses (at least two in one specialisation area) for 20 credits
  • A research project which may be industry related or academic for 8 credits
M.Sc. Computer Science Courses
Course Code Course Title Credits Semester Core Course?
COMP6001 Research Methods & Technical Writing 4   Yes
COMP6105 Object-oriented Design 4   Yes
COMP6110 Advanced Software Engineering 4   No
COMP6210 Advanced Artificial Intelligence 4   No
COMP6220 Expert Systems 4   No
COMP6410 Formal Methods of Software Design 4   No
COMP6420 Parallel Computing 4   No
COMP6430 Topics in Advanced Algorithms 4   Yes
COMP6510 Topics in Advanced User Interface Design 4   No
COMP6520 E-Learning Design 4   No
COMP6540 Interactive Media Design 4   No
COMP6550 Web Design & Programming 4   No
COMP6710 Advanced Operating Systems 4   No
COMP6720 Advanced Database Systems 4   No
COMP6770 Advanced Computer Networks 4   No
COMP6771 Wireless Networks 4   No
COMP6810 Research Project 8   Yes

M.Sc. in Computer-Based Management Information Systems (MIS) Courses

M.Sc. MIS (Computer Science Courses)
Course Code Course Title Credits Semester Core Course?
COMP5110 Introduction to Software Engineering      
COMP5120 Systems Design & Engineering      
COMP5210 Artificial Intelligence      
COMP5310 Principles of Computer Systems      
COMP5320 Computer-aided Manufacturing Design & Simulation      
COMP5330 Expert Systems      
COMP5610 User Interface Management Systems      
COMP5620 Human Factors in Computing      
COMP5710 Introduction to Program Design      
COMP5720 Data & File Structures      
COMP5730 Database Management Systems      
COMP5750 Comparative Study of Programming Languages      
COMP5760 Operating Systems      
COMP5770 Data Communication Systems & Networks      
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