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Name Department Research Areas Link to content
Campbell, Norbert (Dr) Chemistry Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health (OESH) Read more
Campbell, Donovan (Prof) Geography and Geology Read more
Clarke, Leonardo (Dr) Physics Climate Change, Climate Variability and SRM Geoengineering. Embedded System Applications. Read more
Coley, Michael (Dr) Chemistry Bayer Process Technology, Waste Management, Bioenergy, Air Quality Monitoring Read more
Coore, Daniel (Prof) Computing Complex Systems Modeling, Simulation, Computer Science Education Read more
Coy, Andre (Dr) Physics Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition; Speech Recognition and Spoken Language Technologies; Assistive Technology; Machine learning; Artificial Intelligence Read more
Delgoda, Rupika (Prof) Natural Products Institute Bioprospecting, Indigenous knowledge preservation, Natural Product safe use, Nutraceutical development, Policy development Read more
Downer-Riley, Nadale (Dr) Chemistry Organic synthesis, Green Synthesis, natural products, azoles, naphthoquinones. Read more
Edwards, Taneisha (Dr) Geography and Geology Coastal Sediments, Relative Sea-level Rise, Coastal Flooding, Coastal Hazards Read more
Edwards, Sheena (Dr) Natural Products Institute Read more


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