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Research Database

Title Department Research Areas Link
Dr. Marvadeen Singh-Wilmot Chemistry Rare-Earth and Metal-Organic Framework Materials Read more
Dr. Novelette Sadler-McKnight Chemistry Air quality assessment ; chemistry education; bioinorgnic chemistry Read more
Prof. Marcia Roye Biotechnology Molecular virology; Molecular biology; Genetic diversity Read more
Dr. Philip Rose Life Sciences Plant Systematics; Plant Ecophysiology; Plant Ecology Read more
Prof. Ralph Robinson Life Sciences Parasitology Read more
Dr. Dwight Robinson Life Sciences Pest management, agro-ecology, pesticide management Read more
Dr. Phylicia Ricketts Physics Medical Physics; Mercury exposure; Inorganic elements in foods Read more
Prof. Paul Reese Chemistry Natural products; microbial transformation; organic synthesis; analytical chemistry Read more
Dr. Roy Porter Chemistry natural products, Essential Oils, Biological activity. Read more
Dr. Nagarani Ponakala Mathematics Fluid Mechanics; Biomechanics, Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Methods Read more


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