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Research Database

Name Department Research Areas Link to content
Mulder, Willem (Prof) Chemistry Electrochemistry; Colloid and Surface Chemistry; Thermodynamics; Stochastic processes in Chemistry and Evolution Read more
Myers, Elecia (Mrs) Environmental Values; Marine Zooplankton; Policy Development; Strategic Planning; Project Management Read more
Narayana, Mahesha (Dr) Mathematics Read more
Nelson, Peter (Dr) Chemistry Materials Chemistry: Ion Selective Membranes; Optoelectonic properties of dyes; dye sensitized Solar Cells. Read more
Peart, Patrice (Dr) Chemistry Read more
Penugonda, Venkateswara Rao (Dr) Physics Materials Science-Glass Materials, Dielectrics, Photo and Thermoluminescence, Non-Linear Optics, Bio active glasses and Bio materials Read more
Penugonda, Venkateswara (Dr) Physics Read more
Persad, Gale (Dr) Life Sciences Marine ecology Read more
Picking, David (Dr) Natural Products Institute Medicinal plants, traditional knowledge, integrated healthcare, equitable development of nutraceuticals Read more
Ponakala, Nagarani (Dr) Mathematics Fluid Mechanics; Biomechanics, Mathematical Modelling, Numerical Methods Read more


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